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(Last Updated On: January 1, 2018)

You probably just gave birth to your first, second or third born child and you got to stay with them as they wean or more so, to bring them up. A stay at home mum (SAHM) can b periodical, on a short-term or simply a long-term basis. Today one has an opportunity to be a stay at home mum by choice and still have their career intact which is a great opportunity.

As much as the job may not be described in the category of easy tasks, for a new SAHM, it can be more challenging compared to one with some experience. In fact, you may have been a preparatory teacher handling a bunch of thirty kids and when it comes to your own 2, 3 kids, it becomes challenging. Here are a few tips for a new stay at home mum.

1. Have a plan the previous night and rise up earliest

Plans help us in organizing our work. There is so much to do in the house and without a plan before you retire to bed; it may cause havoc the next morning. Plan well and make a schedule of all activities to do and most importantly, stick to it where possible.

2. Make mom friends

A world with friends it’s always a better one. Be sure you are not the only SAHM in your neighbourhood. You can reach out and make friends with other moms who pave way for talks and advice among you. Even better, you could organize some play dates once in a while to get out of the house.

3. Leave the house once in a while

Now that leaving the house has come up, you should consider doing it more often. Getting some fresh air and new faces outside make you relax and calm your mind. This job can be challenging especially when you are new to it hence the need to get some fresh air lest you get insane in the house.

4. Bend the rules

You may consider not being a firm SAHM. Remember these are your kids and as much as you may have a pile on your to-do list, you need to give kids an easy time. You can change your nap time and go out or any other and works well

5. Plan on having your time

Being a mom not just a stay at home one is an ever ending job. You can retire from SAHM though once they are all grown. Leave the kids with your husband, a relative or a babysitter and have time to yourself once in a while.

6. Focus on making every second, every minute count with your kids

Being a mum is a blessing and a SAHM is even a bigger blessing since you get a chance to be with your children every other day. Before retiring, make life moments with them and spend all the time you can with them. More importantly, plan on showing them love every single day and they will give in return.

It may not be easy in particular when you are new to the job but the above tips for a new SAHM can make your days better and enable you to enjoy being one. You may consider putting them in practice.



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