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(Last Updated On: April 2, 2018)

Before investigating the price, we ask the first question; Do you need Paint Protection Film? In recent years with technology continuously evolving, car wrapping became more prominent. Supercars and high-end model vehicles often get an entire car wrapped in transparent protective film. In other instances, cars get protection only in areas where stone chips could damage it. The entire reasoning behind paint protection film is to preserve paint condition.

The advanced technology used in this material allows the paint protection film to heal itself, even though it is much thinner than the previous years’. In answer to the first question about need; it would depend on car’s initial cost and how much it would be to respray the vehicle should it be damaged. Now moving on to the actual question:

It is not a simple to answer question though, as independent installers, different products and location, contributes in making a difference in price.
3DOM offers an online tool for car owners to get an estimate, which would depend on car size.

For example:

  • BMW 3 Series Full Wrap Paint Protection Film – between £ 2073.60 and £2985.98
  • PORSCHE 911 Front End Wrap – between £1400 and £2016
  • NISSAN QASHQAI Full Wrap – between £3400 and £4896

San Antonio Based Concours Auto Salon applies their Thermoplastic Urethane film (Paint Protection Film), using pre-cut kits that is car -specific. Depending on car size, models and makes, the cost varies. Their prices are very competitive starting at $899.00.

The fact however, is that car dealers and professional PPF installers compete to offer good prices to clients. When searching how much does paint protection film cost, you might find the lowest listed price could be in another country, never mind another city.

For example; on aliexpress, you get various manufacturers offering Paint Protection Film.

The question you need to ask yourself though, “Can I do it myself?”

When you look at the prices, they are cheaper than professional installers, however when taking your car to professionals, you are guaranteed to get expertise. The best advise is to shop around in your locality, compare prices from various installers and make an informed decision. An option is to buy the PPF online and if you cannot do the job yourself, compare prices from dealers to buying online and paying a professional to do the work.

Examples of PPF Manufacturers and Prices at Aliexpress:

  • Aomior 15m PPF with enough width to cover most large cars selling at $115.00
  • Asewrap PPF also 15m for $128.25
  • ORINO PPF 15m $178.00

A factor that a car owner needs to consider when opting for Paint Protection Film is the various manufacturers offering their products. Your first question should not be cost related, but manufacturer related. You do not want a low-quality product at low cost or low quality and high cost either.

Three of the most prominent Paint Protection Films are 3M Film, which are the most expensive. Then you also have SolarGard Film and Suntek, which is the cheapest between the three options. An option all car owners agree on, is steering clear of Premium Shield Paint Protection Film. Consumers who used it on their cars reported yellowing of the product that continues to worsen.


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