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A Locksmith is defined as a person working with security systems, keys, locks, and safes. They provide a range of services related to these items. Some of these services include helping customers choose their locks, installing the locks, rekeying locks, cutting keys for the locks, and repairing malfunctioning locking devices. Locksmiths are helpful in moments when you have been locked out of your home, business or car. Without a key, opening a lock can be a nightmare. Locksmiths have the skills and techniques to try open closed locks without damaging them.


Locksmithing techniques

The three categories of techniques used in locksmithing profession are lock picking, lock bypassing and destructive entry. The lock picking technique involves manipulation of the lock’s tumblers using hands. The lock bypassing involves exploitation of weaknesses in the lock to bypass any locking mechanism.

The destructive entry technique involves damaging the lock in order to gain access. The tools and products required by a locksmith range from simple locking devices to sophisticated security systems. They, therefore, need to familiarize themselves with the various lock types. They also need to keep pace with technology to be able to handle any type of lock encountered in their work. Tools like lathes, drills, and grinders will be common in a locksmith’s toolkit. Some experience in carpentry and electrical work will be of great benefit to a locksmith.

In order to get the necessary skills in locksmithing, you need to undergo training. This training may not necessarily be in a formal setup but may involve attending vocational classes. Such a training helps in establishing credibility and strengthening your skills.

You can also learn through manuals, books, and practice kits to acquire the relevant skills.

Having acquired the training skills you have to start working with the various tools and lock pick sets to grow your knowledge. By practicing your skills, you will be able to develop your capacity to pick various locks and install them. One way of practicing is to volunteer in helping friends and family to install locks at their homes.

What information do you need for a locksmith?

When your lock fails, giving the right information to a locksmith helps to get your problem solved easily. It is therefore important to know what a locksmith needs to give you an efficient service. In most cases, they will ask you questions regarding the situation. Your response to these questions will determine how fast they will gain entry into your premises. One such piece of information that a locksmith need is the number of locks that need to be bypassed before gaining entry.

The locksmith also needs information relating to the brand of lock. Certain locks work with specific bypass techniques. Having an upfront information helps in determining how easy or hard it will be to bypass the locks. Locks that use standard pins are easy to pick while those that don’t pins may require a different bypass technique. Some of the techniques may cause some level of damage to the locks. If the locksmith has the right set of tools, these damages may be minimized.

The locksmith needs to know if there are alternative entry points to the premise. This will help them determine the best entry point. The locksmith will need to know if there are accessible doors that have the same locking system like the one that needs to be bypassed. Disassembling the lock on accessible doors may be simpler and more cost-effective than the one on the main access.


The best way of getting access to a locked premise is picking the locks. This method causes no damage and is always the first option on a locksmith’s list. There may be times when other damage-free methods may be preferred. Methods like drilling are always of the last resort when all other methods have failed. Most locksmiths know the weaknesses of various types of locks and hence getting the right information about the brand is very helpful.

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