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(Last Updated On: February 15, 2018)

Getting a swimming pool installed on a property can seem to be a fantastic ornament especially during the days of that hot summer. But your responsibility towards maintaining your swimming pool cannot just limit up to its one-time setup only; preferably it is essential to ensure its regular maintenance to keep the pool water clean and hygienic.

Just like any appliance available in your home, swimming pools to requires your regular attention for maintaining it.

Some of the pool owners prefer to call professional pool maintenance in Melbourne services. However, some people try to take it as a do it yourself a challenge. If you also want to maintain your swimming pool yourself, we have some useful tips for you.

So whats involved in carrying out maintenance on a swimming pool?

The process of pool maintenance comprises of two key things that are cleaning and balancing the chemistry of pool water. During the season of swimming, it is essential that you thoroughly clean your swimming pool occasionally to ensure cleanliness.


Skimming debris and leaves


Collection of debris and leaves is one of the major problems that is encountered to a great extent. For ensuring that your swimming pool doesn’t have leaves and debris floating, you can make use of leaf skimmer. Choose a long handled one that can get all the debris out of your pool water. It is essential that you repeat this step on a regular basis before this trash get sunk to the pool bottom.


Keep an eye on the filters


The function of the filter to a swimming pool is just like the function of kidney in the human body. Filters have the responsibility to eliminate all the impurities from the pool water and thus maintain the hygiene level of the pool. So it is vital that you keep an eye on your pool filters. Filters prevent the leaves and other impurities from getting into the pool water. But filter basket itself required being cleaned at least within a week. Besides the filter basket, it is also essential to clean filter pipes within a month to make sure complete cleanliness.


Maintaining chemical level careful


Maintaining the appropriate chemical level is of utmost importance. If the chemical level of your pool water is not balanced correctly, it may cause skin irritation, itching in eyes and similar problems. Moreover, such pool water gives rise to more bacteria. So testing of water needs to be carried out once in a week at minimum. The six chemical levels that are required to be taken into consideration include:


  • Cyanuric Acid – This chemical is needed to protect the chlorine level in the water from sunlight. An ideal standard for this is 30-50.


  • Free Chlorine – Keeps the pool water free from the germs.


  • Alkalinity/acidity – It is also referred to as pH level. The ideal level for this lies between 7.5 to 7.8.


  • Total Alkalinity – 60-120 is the ideal range for this.


  • Calcium Hardness – Plaster damage can be prevented with appropriate levels which are between 220-350. But in case of vinyl siding, it needs to be lower.


Try shock treatment


Shock treatment can help eliminate the bacteria, dirt, algae, and more elements that may question the purity of water. To have a proper and efficient shock treatment, it is essential that you read the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.


If you implement these tips into your regular pool maintenance routine, the pool upkeep is not going to be a burdensome task for you anymore.



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