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(Last Updated On: January 1, 2018)

Okay, so you’re a stay at home mum and getting bored and frustrated looking for ideas for things that can keep you occupied. Well, we have a list below that might be useful just for you!



Turn suppers into a brand-new pastime by planting a garden in your very own yard. Till, plant, soil and enjoy your veggies from start to finish.

If the garden succeeds, you can turn your pastime into profit by selling them to regional farmers markets or the local community.


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Stitching / Sewing

Discover how to stitch yourself a handbag, a skirt or brand-new drapes for the house. There are lots of tutorials that you can find on the internet or youtube.

Like gardening, you can turn this pastime into profit by offering gowns and bags at craft sales or by yourself on social networks like Facebook.


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Designing Cakes

Like sewing, cake designing has ended up being an available and economic pastime for many stay at home mums.

Utilizing social networks, blog sites or classes, you can learn how to bake and embellish cakes for the children’s birthdays or your satisfaction.

Turn this into profit by utilizing your social networks and using cakes as presents to good friends and family.


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Taking Photos

Discovering how to catch your very own household images. Beginning with a primary camera or your smartphone, you can start practicing on your preferred topics: your kids.

Have fun with filters if you have a phone, in the camera settings on the screen you will see options for adding borders, special effects or color tints to your photos.

Facebook has some impressive camera effects that you may find interesting. Utilize the images as presents, or provide your services to loved ones.


Decorating the House

Turn your enthusiasm for embellishing your home into a full-blown pastime. Keep a blog on what you do around the home what things you have created what you have upgraded or added.

Maybe others will enjoy your jobs a lot that you will be requested of for recommendations.


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Going for a daily stroll

Start your walking club with pals, household, and next-door neighbors. Select a track or park near the house, or if you live far from each other, select place to visit before you start your walk.

Utilize a high school track field after hours or before dawn to shed pounds and develop relationships.


Art & Craft

Want to craft however do not wish to do it by your lonesome? Welcome your friends over for creative craft nights, or develop your very own crafts for the season.

There are many different ideas that can be used to get into the creative spirit. Making patterns for bags, key chains, shelving for the usual things and more.


Working on a Scrapbook

A favorite pastime amongst stay-at-home mothers, scrapbooking is a fantastic activity to show your kids.

You can purchase or make affordable scrapbooks from paper/cardboard there are guides on the internet on how you can create them and the make an album of trips, school days or whatever interests.

Dont spend too much, simply have a good time … even if it is a scrapbook filled with rocks!


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