Stay at home mum

Here are my ramblings as a stay at home mum and i hope you learn and put them to good use…

let’s do it

Among the hardest features of ending up being a stay-at-home mum is the sensation that you have actually turned unnoticeable.

When the presents and the cards following the birth of your child go away, the indifference to your daily grind can be dismaying.

No-one, it appears, has an interest in paying attention to the minutiae of a life run by shitty nappies and breastfeeding.

From the minute my infant wakes me my day is a list of physical requirements: pee, beverage, modification nappy, feed, burp, feed, beverage, relieve, pump breasts, modification nappy, feed, burp, feed, relieve, consume, consume, relieve, worry when I understand that I have not showered yet and it’s currently twelve noon.

When it comes to healthy living? Forget it. I scoff spoonfuls of peanut butter for breakfast directly from the container.

Consume family-sized blocks of chocolate to assist remain awake. And if I’m fortunate sufficient to do a yoga stretch it’s to the calming pressures of the Wiggles.

Just a mention to some people and businesses that i’ve had the pleasure of meeting; The Lock Guy Locksmiths Melbourne – great guys that have helped me with the security of my home, Aquatech Pool Care Melbourne – They’ve really helped with cleaning my pool when i’ve needed it.

Also a great website for looking after your pets if you have any is Best Pet Care. They have guides and everything as well as products which you can buy through their website for anything from rabbits, dogs, fish, birds and more.


Children playing

Being a stay at home mum can be difficult but i hope you can learn from my experience...

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